DIY Suzuki M50 Lightbar

Even though we’re still snowed under, I thought I’d post an article I wrote during the summer on how to make your own lightbar for a Suzuki M50. It’s cheap, fast, and looks like it belongs.

I recently added an HID projector and needed backup lighting in case of failure (it did, so this was a good idea). An HID system has more parts and way more complexity, so I wanted some good old fashioned halogens just in case things went south. I chose to create one of the lightbars that I saw frequently on a motorcycle forum.  To wire it in, I chose to use a regular automotive relay connected to the high beam switch.

Picked up a 3′ length of 1.5″ aluminum angle; 1/8″ thick. Because I’m only using these for backup, I chose a pair of small driving lights, and only needed the lightbar to be 15″ long. People who are installing lights that mount with 2 horizontal bolts should probably make their lightbar a little longer.

The bottom bit that bolts up is exactly 5″ long and centered in the bar.

To figure out where your bolts holes need to be, you could measure it and start drilling or you could use a cardboard template to adjust for fit. This is what I ended up doing.

The back left corner will interfere with your brake lines if you don’t cut out the corner.

This was one of the easiest, MacGyver free mods I’ve done.  I didn’t have to compromise on quality anywhere, and the result looks like it’s supposed to be there.


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