Why Gas needs to be More Expensive

With recent rises in the price of gas, people are banding together to attempt to drive prices back down. Facebook groups, twitter, and the (now) old standby: email. “Let’s get together and not buy gas for one day! Hit em where it hurts!” Not only will this not work, I’d rather we had higher priced gas.

And no, I’m not a paid oil company shill, though I do live in Alberta and benefit immensely when oil prices shoot through the roof. My drive for high priced dino blood is because I think it changes us and the world around us. With cheap gas, we build sprawled out mega cities and then complain when we can’t build reasonable road infrastructure to get us to work in less than half an hour.  Cheap gas also out-competes clean alternatives for transportation and denies the advanced funding necessary to get them competitive. With expensive gas and sprawled out population, we’d spend more on the training, technology, and management systems necessary to make working from home a much more viable option for more people. This piece will be essential for Canadians and other people in cold climates until we’re able to overcome the huge barriers associated with driving electric when it’s -30 outside.  Or, with enough time, we could just wait for the better temperatures to come to us 😉

Changing the price of fuel changes the game. Things we should be doing anyways like buying local, changing to energy efficient bulbs, driving smaller vehicles, and being frugal in energy suddenly become economically wise decisions, instead of feel good frivolities. Without that economic driver, there aren’t the right incentives for everyone. High priced gas fixes these problems from the ground level, with no government intervention required to get people to do the right thing.  Cheers to $2/liter gas!


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