Dell Zino eSata issue

To start with, I like Dell. It used to be a no-brainer to go custom on computer design, but these days it’s just too easy and Dell is too well supported for me to do otherwise. This kind of shit pisses me off though:

Part of having a small footprint like the Zino has, is that you can’t just cram in more hard drives or other components. This means that outside connectivity has to work. USB is the name of the game here but for external hard drives, eSATA offers up quite a bit faster speeds. If you’re using an external hard drive as a backup, it cuts down the backup time substantially. The issue is that the eSata connectors on the Dell Zino are set too far back in the case, or the case is too thick. Whatever the cause, the plugs don’t fully connect. You can remove the back panel, cut around the ports, or mod your cable to make it fit a bit better. I opted for the last option, as it was about 1 minute of work on a dremel.


Worked like a charm.  I hope Dell issues a fix for this issue.


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