Canadian Political Parties Suck

Yeah, you heard me.  You all suck, and I’m surprised our system actually works at all.  Part of the problem that we have is similar to the US: without a clear majority in power, tough changes cannot be made.  Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can make the sweeping cuts necessary to balance their budget without tipping the scales and losing out in the political game.  Result?  The US is now having their credit rating reduced because they can’t make grown up decisions on budget cuts.  If we were facing as big a crisis right now, we’d be totally screwed.

Conservatives, you should be my clear choice.  You’re more responsible with money and more pragmatic in your decision making.  But this Bush-style political posturing, proroguing, information request denying BS has to stop.  Tone it down a notch and keep crucifying your own people when they screw up bad.

Liberals, you got cocky.  You should be the choice of all centrist Canadians, but you rested on your laurels for too long, and you’re now outdated.  The hills you’re picking to die on right now are ridiculous.  Rhetoric for buying F35’s from the consortium that you signed us up for with Chretien?  Then pretending that the Conservatives are being fiscally irresponsible for buying F35’s on a sole supplier contract, neglecting the fact that it was part of the arrangement that you signed us up to from the get-go?

NDP, if you weren’t so flippant with promises to spend ALL our money, I think you’d be pretty cool.  You let your reps vote based on their constituencies wishes and you have fresher, better leadership.  Keep stealing seats from the Liberals, you deserve them more.  Yet, I dread the day you take power and put the economy in the crapper spending money on “save the puppies” funds.

Bloc Quebecois, you are an aberration in the system, hurting chances of anyone getting a real majority.  If every other province had their own self-serving party at the federal level, this country would be reduced to a bickering, whining mess.  Separate or quit fucking up the system for the rest of us.

Green Party, you’d probably get more done as a lobbyist group influencing policy instead of an actual political party.  The environmental challenges that we face are real, but the solution of having a political party focused on them is not.


As an aside, the attack ads, blog posts, open letters, etc that are going around now are just terrible.  Not in the morality of attacking people in a personal way; more the “none of this stands up to any scrutiny/context” way.  5 minutes of basic research refutes about 90% of what is being mentioned in any of the attack ads from either sides.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Political Parties Suck

  1. You forgot the communist party! The nutcake in edmonton west has some pretty convincing ramblings! Also this just in, toronto police caught jack layton in a rub’n’tug in 1996. His ?wife? Claimed he jus needed a massage after a hearty workout. Hehe


  2. I agree, and I love this post.
    It is a sad thing when I sit back and realize that voting is now pointless for me since I don’t want to see any of the current political ‘leaders’ in power. None of them represent my needs/desires. Politics is now longer about the people, but about supporting their own personal agendas.

    End Note: These attack ads make me sick and serve as a reason not to vote for someone. Apple already convinced me not to buy their products as a result of their ads, the conservatives have also done the same. If I wanted to see this garbage on my television I would just move to the US.


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