Which phone OS represents the most sophisticated userbase?

Which smartphone OS represents the most sophisticated userbase?  Is it iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, or BlackBerry?  As my impartial judge, I checked the most popular 10 free apps for each app store as an indicator of how chiq each OS was.

  1. Stickman Cliff Diving
  2. What is your sexual age?
  3. Stupidness 2
  4. Are you left brained or right brained?
  5. Color effects on images
  6. Crackle – Movies & TV
  7. Tap Pet Hotel
  8. TuneIn Radio
  9. PapiBatting
  10. Tiny Zoo

Ouch, that’s hurting.  Looks like iOS users will download almost any app, no matter how inane. How does Android fare?  They segregate apps from games, so I pulled the top 5 from each.

Top Free Android Apps:

  1. Google Maps
  2. KakaoTalk
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook for Android
  5. Flash Player 10.2

Top Free Android Games:

  1. Live Holdem Poker Pro
  2. Bubble Blast 2
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Tap Fish
  5. Paradise Island

Lacks the worst offenders.  But it begs the question, how’s WP7?

Top Free Windows Phone 7 Apps:

  1. YouTube
  2. Adobe Reader
  3. Facebook
  4. Shuriken Ninja
  5. Paper Toss
  6. Xbox LIVE Extras
  7. Jewel3
  8. ESPN ScoreCenter
  9. Krashlander Free
  10. Juice Factory

Not too shabby.  Finally, the top free apps from BlackBerry App World:

  1. BlackBerry messenger
  2. BlackBerry Podcasts
  3. Facebook
  4. FriendChat
  5. Twitter
  6. WhatsApp Messenger
  7. Photo Editor Ultimate Free
  8. Screen Grabber Free
  9. Windows Live Messenger
  10. BlackBerry Protect

The only one that stuck out like a sore thumb was the Apple App store.  I’d imagine it’s because Apple’s iPhone and OS has reached far deeper into mainstream than the other OS’s, which is why the mainstream’s appetite for weird and wonderful apps shows up better.  Beyond iOS, you’ll have to make your own judgement call based on the information present.  Who do you think comes out ahead in the smartphone OS war?


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