Why you shouldn’t worry about your cell and cancer

WHO set off a fairly monumental media shitstorm after publicizing results from a working group’s week looking at the links between cancer and cell phone use. For the most part, mainstream media utterly fucks up science reporting, whether out of stupidity or out of attempts at spinning it to look more serious than it is.

Take WHO’s study: here we have a few dozen scientists from all over the world, sitting down and reviewing all the other studies that have been put out. Read: no original research, but probably a decent review of existing materials. These dozens of scientists HAVE to come to some sort of consensus after about a week. The consensus: “possibly” The subtext: “probably not, but we had to placate Bob from Panama with something because he would not take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Thus, we get a cluster of a media report because they either sensationalize “maybe” or don’t quite understand what it means. “maybe” for a scientist can mean “5%”. Maybe for everyone else means 50%.

WHO, you guys are a bunch of idiots. NOTHING ever gets done by a committee, especially when you run the chances of committee members feeling strongly one way or the other and extra when the studies you’re using cannot take many of the outside variables into account. The wording used in the classifications stinks of compromise and now you’ve hamstrung future chances of studies crediting or discrediting the link.

There’s more likely to be some silly causal link that’s being missed. The fact that cell users end up flying more (where you get a real dose of radiation above the critical level to cause issues) or eat more avocado or something silly is being missed.

Because the science says that cell phone radiation does not reach the power level necessary (classified as ionizing radiation) studies and conclusions that claim otherwise MUST be rock solid. Just like claims of UFOs, Bigfoot, and Santa Claus.

Maybe they thought they had to produce something to account for having so many scientists arguing for a week.

For more detailed info, check out this post on PC world: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/229354/hold_the_panic_on_cell_phones_and_cancer.html


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