A Week Without an iPhone

Ever since upgrading iOS to 4.3, I’ve been having serious issues with my company iPhone4.   Push notifications have ceased, the phone is lucky to make it to the afternoon without needing a charge, and calendar syncing with Exchange is very flakey (but to be fair, it always has been.)  I’ve tried a few of the quick proclaimed fixes without any luck, and am now facing some of the more lengthy ones.  Before I get into those, I thought it might be fun to go a week on Android.

The phone I’ll be testing is a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.  There are fancier phones out now, but a year ago this one was pretty hot.  It runs Android 2.2 and I’ll be testing it in a small company setting.

My criteria for success will be for the Captivate will be to meet or exceed the iPhone at:
-basic email checking and short email compilation
-better contact and call management
-basic day to day consumer uses

I’ll try to write a quick post each day, but no promises.

Sweet dreams my precious. I'll return soon.

Part 1: Reboot
Today I threw my sim over.  I already had my contacts decently organized in gmail, and syncing them was totally uneventful.
Email setup was also very easy and I was done in minutes.  The Calendar app comes with a week block view, a feature that is lacking on the iPhone and is useful for anyone who wants to use their phone for actual work.  The keyboard doesn’t come with autocorrect enabled, a comfort I’ve used as a crutch to save time typing on the iPhone.

On the hardware side of things, I can tell I’m going down a notch on the screen.  The iPhone4 is running a higher res.  The camera and camera control software blow compared to the iPhone’s.  There’s also no front facing camera, but that’s a non-event for me.

Check out Day 2 of week without an iPhone here.


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