A Week Without an iPhone: Day2

If you’ve just landed here, check out day 1 of a week without an iPhone.

Started the morning out with a nice quiet alarm, slowly raising volume as I woke up: a nice touch. Immediately followed that with a refreshed daily briefing: weather, news, and my calendar items for the day. Also nice, and also something that the iPhone didn’t come with. In general, app switching based on actions are done better in Android. Click on a web link to Twitter, and you’re given the option to open it in the Twitter app you’ve installed, or in the browser. Calling someone? Would you like to make that call via Skype? Texting? Take your pick of plain old SMS or Whatsapp. Defaults can be set and configured how you like.

One thing that didn’t happen this morning was undocking my phone from a dual iphone dock radio. That shackle of a connector stayed unused as I stepped into my car and jammed the phone into a combo phone holder and FM modulator. Part of the problem with stepping away from Apple is that you also step away from years of hardware built to a proprietary spec. That radio modulator cost me $15 at Canadian Tire of all places. I’m doubtful I could find a comparable product for the Samsung as easily and as cheaply due to connector fragmentation among handset manufacturers. I’d really love to see the Android folks settle on a connector so they can put together a better offering of addon and support devices.

One other unique feature I used before I even started driving is the awesome voice commands. I made a quick “note to self” and had my dictated thoughts emailed to myself to look at later, which was much faster than typing them out or making an audio recording that I’d have to listen to later. I’ve previously written about the voice commands on the Galaxy Tab, and they’re still great in the Captivate.

I used the Calendar week view a few times today to book meetings and I’m still mad this isn’t in the iPhone. It just seems so crucial to booking work meetings. Maybe Apple thinks that typical iPhone users don’t book that many meetings.

I’m going to write about some of the apps tomorrow, but one I wanted to mention was the Android WordPress app. It’s just as good as the iPhone version and it works very well for blogging from anywhere anytime.  In fact, I’ve used the Captivate to write all of these blogs so far.  I end day 2 on a high note: editing the post in the brand spanking new WordPress 3.2, which has a ton of really cool features, but we’ll have to save those for another time.

Click here for Day 4 of a week without an iPhone.


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