Streaming video on an Android device via VLC

Note: A more experienced Android user pointed out that this method isn’t as easy/good as using Twonky on your PC and AllStream on your Samsung.  For posterity, I’ll keep this post up here but for anyone that arrives, I found that Twonky was way easier to setup and get going.  Here’s the post on Twonky.

These are the necessary steps I needed to take to get VLC streaming on my Samsung Galaxy Tab:

1. Follow the detailed steps from S&C’s howto here: You’ll need to figure out how to start VLC player in web interface mode when you want to stream movies.

2. In the Android apps settings, I needed to setup the correct portrait and landscape resolution.
3. I needed to set the “sync on audio” option to get the audio correctly synced up.
4. I needed to change the player mode to “stream to phone (rtsp)”
5. Access to the movies is under the “browse” tab at the top right. Drill down through the ellipses and find your movies folder in order to start.

The video had frequent artifacts when there was a lot of motion on video, but was mostly watchable.

CPU usage hovered around 15% and memory at 75MB for my Athlon PII 360.

Another option is to use the application to convert the file on your computer and then stream the converted file to your device.  It took 8 seconds for my computer to convert a 1 minute, 13 second sample video file.  It looked like it may have reduced some of the artifacts, but I’ll have to watch some longer movies to be sure 😉

If you didn’t notice the update at the top, just use Twonky.  It has a free trial, and is $20.


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