Listing of Golf Courses around Edmonton

I wanted to write a comparison post on different Android apps for golfing, but none of the lists I found did a bang up job of listing all the golf courses in a reasonable distance. So, I  created my own using Google Maps.

So far I just have the course name, location, whether it’s public or private, and the cost of doing a round of 18 on the weekend. Later, I plan on adding which apps support that course and phone numbers.

In the meantime, here’s the map. If you save it to your “my places”, it’ll let you access it on your mobile device and make it easy to see which courses are around, whether you can drop in, and how much they cost. If you see any errors, let me know and I’ll fix them or add you as a collaborator on the map so you can fix them yourself!



One thought on “Listing of Golf Courses around Edmonton

  1. Oh yeah, the map positions should be more accurate than what’s in the regular Google Maps, because I used the parking lots/clubhouses as the pushpin location instead of the middle of the golf course (like most of what’s in Google Maps right now).


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