Follow up review of Founders Golf Club Set

This is a follow up to the first review I did on the FC2010 Founders club golf set I purchased earlier this summer. I’ve had some time to put in a few rounds and have updates on some of the aspects I like or dislike about this set:

The bag

I really wish that the bag had a better water bottle holder somewhere. There’s a mesh bit to the side that I think is meant to hold a water bottle but doesn’t do a very good job of it. It needs to be deeper to keep the bottle from popping out when you’re walking. Other than that, all good. The carrying strap is a bit thin and cheap but I didn’t find it bothering me even after carrying the clubs for 18 holes.

Water bottle pocket on Founders Club FC2010 Golf Club set

The Irons

Nothing to complain about here. I found adding a cheap sand wedge really helped me out when I was closer to the hole or in a bunker. A $20 Wilson “Sandy Andy” 57° sand wedge did the trick.

The Hybrids

The first time I had the set out, I couldn’t get the Founders Club hybrids to hit very well. After adjusting my grip to be a bit firmer, they started going straighter. Something has broken loose in the shaft of 1 hybrid and my 3 wood and now rattles around in there. This points to a poor build quality. Does it matter? Not really.

The Woods

The #3 wood in this set has become my go-to club when I need a really tight shot off the tees. As a beginner, I have a bit of difficulty keeping the 1 driver on the fairway but have 0 problems with the 3. I’m very happy with how it hits.

One picture that I missed out on with the last post was comparing the size of the driver, 3, and hybrid. I’ve got a few images below that compare the sizes of the heads as well as the lengths of the shafts.

Comparison of club head sizes in FC 2010 Founders Clubs golf set

Comparison of face sizes in Founders Clubs set2

Comparison of face sizes in Founders Clubs set

Driver, Woods, and Hybrid shaft lengths in Founders Club Golf Set


4 thoughts on “Follow up review of Founders Golf Club Set

  1. I got these same clubs. The bag broke and was awful. I replaced the hybrids and driver rather quickly (i got stiff shafts, but they were still too weak). But as you mentioned, the fairway woods hit very nicely and i have had no issues with the irons. In hindsight, I wish I would have bought a nice iron set and filled everything else as needed.


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