Updating a Rogers branded Samsung Galaxy Tab to Android 2.3.3

This was a bit of a frustrating experience.

Rogers just isn’t focused: evidenced by their slow updates and lack of support on Android updates. I can forgive them, because Android was still kind of new when they were mucking around with it and everyone had to learn how to best do updates on all these devices across all these different manufacturers and carriers. Samsung just doesn’t understand that their software for updating (Kies) is garbage. The versioning issues that Kies trips over are epic! Most of my issues in updating came down to this: a previous version of Kies 2.x that said I should update (so I did), and it failed to update properly and wouldn’t update my Tab. So instead of sending the data over to the Tab when it came time to do it, it just sat there, locked up with the Tab in the “downloading now, don’t do anything or the world will implode” screen. This is the third time I’ve had issues updating a Samsung device with Kies. That’s batting 1000 on failure and screams, “fire someone or get out of this type of business” (trying to update the OS yourself). In contrast, I had my Samsung Captivate updated to Cyanogenmod Android 2.3.4 in 30 minutes using a checklist that a volunteer somewhere wrote up. 30 minutes for an unofficial, hacker supported version of the OS. I’d do this kind of update every day of the week.

I just spent 3 hours, taking about 30-50 minutes every time I tried to update, trying to go the official, real-company supported route because Samsung’s software can’t properly update itself. After uninstalling all traces of Samsung Kies, then reinstalling the latest version, the process finally worked. The Galaxy Tab updated from 2.2 to 2.3.3. If you’re reading this and you want to update your Tab, don’t be scared. Just uninstall any Samsung Kies on your system now, install the newest version from Kies, then go nuts. It’s pretty easy once you know what’s causing the problem.

Samsung, you’re good at hardware (and TouchWiz is pretty good), but please stop messing around with the software/OS side. There’s no point in doing this half-assed and it’s just easier to go Pure Google without all the garbage. Your phones are awesome, the tablets are great, don’t make an iTunes clone.

Kies telling me that it's updating (LIES!!!)








Samsung Galaxy Tab firmware upgrade in progress stuck downloading screen
This screen was where I got stuck before. This is it finally working after being stuck.

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