JVC KW-AVX740 Review

JVC KW-AVX740 with Samsung Captivate Android phone

It has been about a month since I installed the JVC AVX740 in my Jeep Patriot and I thought it was about time to do a review. To summarize, I’m extremely pleased with this deck.

My absolute requirements for the deck were pretty tame:

  • It had to have Bluetooth, and integrate with the audio system well. This sounds easy, but if you demo a few Bluetooth decks, you’ll quickly find that the experience is all over the map.
  • Had to support FM
  • Had to be responsive. This seemed to be a big problem for the Pioneer Kenwood, and Sony units I tested. Their graphics took too long to render on whatever hardware they chose.

Nice to have:

  • DVD
  • AV in/out
  • USB audio+video

I didn’t want a nav, because in my experience, most of the decent gps manufacturers consider map updates to be an open invitation to screw their customers. Google Navigation on Android is free and up to date. (not to mention voice activated)

Bluetooth on the AVX740
This is why I bought this deck: great Bluetooth integration. It supports voice calling, so long as your phone does, will download your phone entries unobtrusively, and has a sensible, configurable quick dial section. The deck starts in 5 seconds and the Bluetooth connects 6 seconds afterwards. I typically use the voice dial option and it works great. I’ve had all sorts of different scenarios come up that all worked as expected: audio mutes on dial or incoming call, it’ll even pause Bluetooth a2dp audio from your phone to get the call going. And with everything on this deck, it was quick. Overall AMAZING compared to competitors.

FM on the JVC KW-AVX740
Umm, it supports it. If I were to recommend changes, it would be to hide a lot of the FM text options like PTY and traffic. They take up space on the homepage that could be used to make even bigger preset buttons. Those presets are a bit hard to hit, given there’s no physical button there to help you out. Could be better, but good enough.

JVC AVX740 on FM tuner screen

Obliterates all competitors within $200 of this deck’s price. Not even close.

DVD support:
It supports it! And since it has AV out, you could run an external monitor for the back seat if you were so inclined.

AV in/out:
Composite signal (yellow, white, red for video, left and right audio). Terrible for HD, but good enough for kids movies in a car.

A case of “under promise and over deliver”. If you look at the specs, manual, or anything else they’ve got, it says the usb only does audio. Not so. It’ll happily play xvid/divx videos from a usb stick. Scanning a large usb stick or external hard drive takes a ton of time though. The USB also didn’t support my Android phone. Ultimately, didn’t matter due to the next point.

USB connected to AVX740 (Android Message)

USB connection error on JVC AVX740

Bluetooth A2DP audio support

Not in my original list, but this was a treat of a way to listen to music or downloaded podcasts from my phone. No wires, controlled from phone or deck: awesome.

Touchscreen gestures:
Also not in my original wishlist, yet AWESOME. Raising and lowering the volume is super easy, while switching channels or skipping ahead is great too. JVC should work on this set of gestures more for their next deck as it shows incredible, usable potential. Rather than describe it, I made a quick video:

JVC’s a value brand, but I would have bought any deck in the $400-$600 range that did the trick. JVC handily beat the others on responsiveness and Bluetooth integration, so it took the win this time around. At least it did in my books.

I price shopped through Amazon and I’d recommend you do the same if you’re looking at picking up this deck. Locally, I would have paid $130 more than if I shopped around first.
Check out Amazon for better prices.
Angle view of JVC KW-AVX740 install in Jeep Patriot

JVC KW-AVX740 Review

Reviewed by Adriel Michaud on Oct 26

The JVC AVX740 is a good alternative to expensive factory receivers
A great value for an in-dash DVD player. Fantastic touchscreen

5 thoughts on “JVC KW-AVX740 Review

  1. I have a 2008 Patriot Sport with just the regular cd player. I want to upgrade to a navigation/dvd unit. Basically I will need the following to do so? I am trying to find specifics for a 2008 without the boston acoustic. I want to make sure these are the correct part numbers for an ’08. Hopefully someone can confirm!

    XSVI-6502-NAV Interface
    Metra 99-6510 dash kit
    40-CR10 antenna adapter
    CHTO-01 CAN amp interface
    Jeep Navigation Bezel
    New 2 DIN head unit


    1. Hi Shaun,

      That looks about right for that model. If you want to confirm, call up Metra during business hours to get info on their adapters. I had to wait a bit on the phone, but their tech’s new their stuff.

      Do you have steering wheel controls?


      1. I actually found the answer. I guess I only need CHTO-01 CAN amp interface if I currently have a navigation system.


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