4 Killer Features in The New Chrome for Android

The Chrome for Android beta was released today a few days ago and so far, it’s been a smoking release. In a lot of ways, it’s similar to other Webkit based browsers and while there’s a lot different under the hood, I wanted to show a select few of the front end features that I think rock. Keep in mind that it’s ICS Android 4.0 only, so you won’t be able to run it on your older phone unless you root it and upgrade to Cyanogenmod9 or similar.

1. Synchronized tabs with desktop. Want to keep reading a website from work at home? Just leave the tab open. You can still hibernate, and the tab is saved so that you can resume on your phone or tablet. You used to use Chrome2Phone for this, but now it’s been eclipsed.
2. Clustered link selector. That wasn’t the link you were trying to hit with your thumb? Chrome zooms in when there are a few links clustered around in one spot so that you can hit the right one
3. Synchronized bookmarks. I’ve always been a bit lazy with my bookmarks, letting them roam wild on every single computer or device I’ve had. Now they’re all totally identical. I had to do some categorization to make it work for mobile, but now I’ve got all my links in all the same places.
4. Sweet tabbed interface. On the phone, tabs are sorted vertically, while on a tablet, they’re sorted horizontally. Looks awesome, and makes it easy to switch between websites.

Likely will never get Flash support, which comes in handy the odd time.

That’s it. The browser has a more sensible UI and with the features above, it dominates the other browsers out there. Even though it’s in beta, I’m already using it in place of the standard browser. Add it to your shortcut bar today.






2 thoughts on “4 Killer Features in The New Chrome for Android

    1. They do have a nice sliding effect when you tilt up or down. Ivan showed me Chrome on a tablet, and that was the bomb. I think I’m going to upgrade from my original Galaxy Tab to a Tab 10.1, root it, put ICS on it, and pop on Chrome.


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