Upgrading a Rogers Galaxy Tab 7 to CM9 (ICS)

It’s really hard to find info on these original 7″ GSM Galaxy Tabs from Rogers. It’s even harder trying to do advanced things like rooting/unlocking/changing bootloaders, flashing, etc. If you’ve had your eye on that alpha build of ICS, you’re headed for a ton of pain in getting information for it, so I thought I’d put up how I got it done. If you’re a super nerd, it’s totally worth it. If you’re a regular joe, it’s too much pain for the gain for now, and I’d wait. There’s got to be easier ways, but I thought I’d document my madness anyways. I’m assuming you’ve used Samsung’s Kies to upgrade your Galaxy Tab to Gingerbread and that you have no problem totally ruining your warranty and potentially bricking your device. Again, probably easier ways out there to do this, but it worked for me. If/once there’s an easier way to get Clockworkmod recovery on the Galaxy Tab, I’d imagine these steps could be chopped in half. This guide will likely work with Galaxy Tabs from Bell, Virgin Mobile, etc. I’ve structured my howto below as a high level guide and have omitted some details. If you can’t get past a step, Google it.

Download: Superoneclick 2.3.3, Samsung phone driver pack, Overcome GB Stock Safe v5, Overcome 7 Series v4.1 Wipe ROM, Overcome Kernel v4.0.0, heimdall suite 1.3.1, Odin 1.7, and the newest rom, kernel, and Google apps pack from HumberOS. Some files available from XDA forum, others from TeamOvercome, others you have to find.

  1. Download SuperOneClick, set your tab to USB debugging mode, and click some buttons to get root. This might not be necessary, but it’s easy enough.
  2. In order to get Clockworkmod recovery setup, I had to go through a bit of a convoluted process using team Overcome’s process. Start out by getting their stock ROM installed using Odin. You’ll need gt-p1000_mr.pit from the zip, as well as the modem that corresponds to your device. For more details on steps 2 to 5, see “the guide
  3. Once you’re booted into the stock rom, you’re going to copy their new 4.1 ROM to the file root of your device using USB mass storage mode.
  4. Then you’ll start in download mode, and flash the 4.1 kernel. I had to use Heimdall, because the kernel wasn’t available as a tar file and I was too stupid to figure out how to use Odin to flash just a kernel. I was even too stupid to use Heimdall’s frontend to flash just a kernel and copied the zImage to Heimdalls directory and used the command line to move the kernel to the device. Use “heimdall flash –kernel zImage”
  5. On reboot, your device will be taken over by a devil harpy who will format your device to ext4 and do some other stuff that probably doesn’t matter.
  6. Next up, you install the 4.1 ROM from ClockworkMod recovery, then reboot. Whip through the OS setup part, it doesn’t matter.
  7. Add the 3 Humber files to your root over USB.
  8. Reboot into recovery, clear data, clear cache, clear dalvik cache, then install the ROM, Kernel, and finally gApps.
  9. Reboot, enjoy ICS.


“Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery”: Depending where you’re at, you might have this as an option when you turn off your device. Otherwise, Volume Up+power until you see the Galaxy Tab logo, then let go.

Go into download mode: from device off: volume down and power until you see the android digging with a shovel.

Most features work: Bluetooth (tested with audio and the Logitech keyboard for android 3.0+), front facing camera for Skype, gsm data, chrome for android, flash, etc. Still, there’s no camera still shot, chrome crashes for me when I go into settings, and a few other apps were a bit buggy. All in all, pretty good and very close to a real released version.


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