Is Spiderman Illuminati?

Is Spiderman in the Illuminati? I think after reading this, you’ll have no choice but to face the facts and see that it is of course, true.

is spiderman illuminati.jpg
Here’s how many people hit this post looking for information each month.

**This article is just for fun.**

illuminati confirmedSpiderman Symbols

Spiderman is well known for the symbols of red and spiders. He is commonly seen swinging between building like an acrobat, but did you know he also constantly signs the pyramid of the illuminati?

Proof Spiderman is Illuminatii
Proof Spiderman is Illuminatii

Not proof enough? As spidey would say, suck on this truth bomb!

spiderman is for sure in the illuminati

Blew your mind, right? Maybe shake some world views? I’m not even close to finished. There’s very clear evidence when you search google for “is spiderman illuminati”, so it must be true!

spidey maxresdefault


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