Chilean Hat

Chile hat front view

Oatmeal Colored Chilean Hat

This Oatmeal colored Chilean hat from Country Gentleman is based off an originally Chilean hat that farmers would use when tending their fields. The hat’s brim towards the front keeps the sun out of your eyes while threshing your Quinoa. The curved back brim allows you to look up and make sure there are no nearby eagles that could take your lambs.

Hat Quality

Chilean flag

Chilean hats are typically made from a cotton/linen blend, but can sometimes be made of straw, wool, or polyester. Stitching is usually of the drop loop type, except on the brim, where a walking stitch is used. The sweat band must be made of durable alpaca wool due to anti-bacterial properties and moisture wicking abilities. These combine to offer a great hat that you can wear in the 30 degree heat, slaving over your precious Quinoa.


Quinoa is best served after boiling in water for 15 minutes. Some like to add chicken broth instead of water or adding in chocolate or serving a la mode. Experiment with Quinoa and its versatility!

Thanks to our lovely model, Sarah, and her suggestions for innovating Quinoa.